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field device tool (automation) (FDT)

Field Device Tool (FDT) is a concept that standardizes and reduces the number of parameterization tools in production plants. Theinterfaces for the device-specific components and the engineering tools are defined in Field Device Tools.

These interfaces are used to exchange information between the software components of devices and systems at the field and control levels. The Field Device Tool (FDT) can be used to configure and commission entire systems. The goals of FDT are engineering, commissioning, diagnostics, maintenance and documentation. The device specific components in FDT tool are called Device Type Manager( DTM) and support the configuration.

Well-known institutions and companies in automation technology are involved in the activities to standardize the parameterization tools, which are comparable to those of EDDL. The companies united in the FDT Joint Interest Group include Endress + Hauser, Invensys, Metso Automation, Omron, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric and Yokogawa.

The organization's goals include international standardization of FDT specifications, ongoing adaptation of the process to technical developments, and certification of FTD products.

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