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fiber concentration point (FTTH) (FCP)

In Fiber to the Home( FTTH) and Fiber to the Building( FTTB), there is a fiber optic connection between the Point of Presence( PoP) in the local exchange and the house transfer point in the building. Depending on the concept and the number of connections, one or two fiber concentration points(FCPs) are connected into this fiber link. One primary and one secondary.

A thick feeder cable is laid between the point of presence and the primary FCP point. The secondary FCP point separates the incoming monomode fibers of the feeder cable to the thinner distribution cables that connect the individualhouses of a street. Both cables can contain between 48 and 216 fibers.

Each individual home is connected to one or more fibers from the concentration point, also known as the Fiber Flexibility Point (FFP) because of its fiber routing options. The concentration point can reduce the number of fibers to the point of presence (PoP) in the exchange. The reduction may well be as much as one-hundredth.

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