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feeder (PCB)

The term feeder means feeder, feeder or feeder. Inprinted circuit board manufacturing, feeders are used for the placement of components on the printed circuit boards, and in broadband technology, feeders mean smaller branches.

  1. In automatic pick-and-place machines, which place the electronic components on the printed circuit boards, the component magazines are called feeders.
    Automatic placement machine with fe

    Automatic placement machine with fe

    eder rollers The feeder rollers for components are rollers or plastic rails on which a specific SMD component or one for THT technology is mounted. During placement, the components are removed from the roller or plastic rail and automatically positioned on the PCB. Placement machines may well have twenty or more feeder rolls with different components.
  2. In broadband technology and tree topology, smaller branches and cable branches are called feeders.
  3. In printers, feeders are the document feeder, Automatic Document Feeder( ADF). It is an electromechanical device used in scanners, copiers, fax machines and multifunction devices to automatically feed and process documents.
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