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federated presence management (FPM)

Federated Presence Management (FPM) or Unified Presence Management is a federated presence technology for communication control between Internet users. Federated presence management can include all services and endpoints: PersonalComputers, Smartphones and Personal Communication Services( PCS).

The development of FPM management was triggered by instant messaging( IM). Instant messaging allowed Internet users to receive real-timemessages from other Internet users in a pop-up window. Spimmers, which are people who send spims, took advantage of this capability to send spams as pop-ups. The federal presence management provides sufficient possibilities to control the communication with the desired persons and to limit the unwanted spim sending.

Federal presence management can be used to select the right groups of people and types of end devices from which the Internet user wants to receive messages. The user immediately recognizes whether a desired participant is available or not. He can thus also start a session with another participant.

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