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federated identity management (FIM)

Federated Identity Management (FIM) is about ensuring that identities are protected across the board. In this context, FIM management represents an authentication scheme in which users ' identities are linked across multiple security domains.

When multiple security domains are combined, the user can authenticate in one domain and access the resources of another domain. He or she does not have to log in again. Messages between the partners of a FIM system can be transferred using the Security Assertion Markup Language( SAML).

The FIM concept works with standardized authentication, in single sign-on( SSO) access to independent applications must be guaranteed, access control is role-based, and session management must be ensured across multiple organizations, across security domains and application platforms. The importance of Federated Identity Management (FIM) is related to the fact that private applications, called on-premise, and public applications(on-demand) migrate together. However, users need to be sure that their personal data is protected. Federated identity management plays an essential role in distributed systems such as grid computing and cloud computing, as identities need to be secured across cloud boundaries.

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