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fax on demand

Fax-on-demand is a fax service that allows the recipient to select and retrieve the desired information. With fax-on-demand, the connection is made from the receiving fax machine to the sending fax machine.

With fax-on-demand, the recipient calls the fax-on-demand machine and selects the documents stored there, which are then faxed. The selection of documents is done specifically by using different key numbers that generate their own tones. For transmission from the fax-on-demand machine to the customer fax machine, the customer must enter his fax number.

Fax-on-demand is a type of fax polling that allows the recipient to automatically retrieve documents that are ready for them. Unlike fax-on-demand, fax polling occurs during the call, but for fax-on-demand, a second connection is established by the fax-on-demand machine.

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