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fast cycle RAM (FCRAM)

Fast Cycle RAM technology (FCRAM) is a RAM technology developed by Fujitsu that modifies DRAM cores to have the characteristics of Static RAM

(SRAM). These characteristics enable higher data transfer rates and better adaptation to processor speed than DRAMs. FCRAM technology seeks to change the DRAM core itself. This process

involves core segmentation and pipelining with the advantage of power reduction. The core structure of FCRAMs has its own pipelining concept and a hidden pre-charge with which the random access cycle is reduced in time to less than half the access time of Synchronous Dynamic RAMs (SDRAM) or Rambus DRAMs. As a result, the FCRAM structure has significant advantages over traditional memory structures, one of which is the simultaneous transfer of column and row information with one instruction. A second command can already be issued without the first command being completed. In conjunction with a DDR interface, this considerably increases the processing speed.

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