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fake news

Fake news is false news. They are inaccurate news, often describing emotional events, but which do not take the truth very seriously. They deceive readers and damage people's reputations by spreading denunciatory and compromising information.

Fake news can intentionally present incorrect facts as correct events, solely with the intention of discrediting a person or event.

Depending on the transmission medium, fake news can spread widely in a very short time via the Internet and social networks, making it accessible to a wide range of interested parties without the people concerned being able to react and correct the false report. A frequently used social medium for spreading fake news is Twitter. Rapid dissemination is ensured via the tweets and retweets.

Fake News is used in the personal sphere, as in cyberbullying, but also in industrial and political environments. Deepfakes offer a further escalation of discrediting, in which people, in their appearance and movement, are inserted into videos.

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