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Faders are called crossfade controllers or sliders. They are elongated potentiometers that are used in audio and video technology to fade in, fade out and fade over pieces of music or videos.

The difference between a fader and a normal potentiometer lies in the sliders of about 10 cm length, which offer more precise adjustment possibilities than the rotary movement of a potentiometer. For precise adjustment, scales are printed in the direction of the slider, and the slider knob itself has a marker with which it can be pushed to a specific position.

Fader, photo:Behringer

Fader, photo:Behringer

In audio, faders are in tandem designs for stereo and have a logarithmic resistance curve that adapts to human hearing characteristics. Faders are used in control rooms and mixing consoles and are operated by hand, but they can also be motor-controlled. The advantage of motor-controlled faders is the electronic adjustability and the reproducibility of the settings.

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