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factory data acquisition

Plant data collection (PDC) is understood to mean the collection of all plant data. On the one hand, this is organizational data, which covers the personnel area and includes order processing

, and on the other hand, technical data, which deals with the means of production and the manufacturing processes. Personnel data is about attendance times, working hours and personnel costs. Organizational data is about number of parts produced and work output. And with the machine-relevant data such as

therunning times, downtimes and material use and with the production-technical data around the data for the process control and the quality requirements. The operational data acquisition

intervenes intomany operational areas, so into the personnel planning, manufacturing, production, the purchase and sales and the stockkeeping.

The operational data acquisition serves the control of operational function sequences and for the control of the results.

In the production area, for example, data collection can be used to control the flow of materials, analyze inventories, and plan and evaluate the production flow.

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