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facility management (FM)

Facility management(FM) comprises all tasks related to building management. Some of these tasks are covered by facility management. In addition, it involves the management of rooms and resources, communication and security technology, the controlling of facilities and technical equipment, the business management of costs, and much more.

Facility management begins with building planning and remains valid for the entire period of the building's use. Special building management programs, such as Computer Aided Facility Management( CAFM) or Integrated Workplace Management System( IWMS) store all relevant data in databases, which can be accessed directly in the event of conversions or changes of use.

The aim is to provide the tenants with a high quality of use and to ensure that the owners retain their value. The premises must be adapted to changing tenants and their needs, vacancies must be avoided, maintenance work must be carried out as quickly as possible, and the existing infrastructure must be made available to the tenants or owners. This applies, among other things, to the cabling structures of communication facilities and networks, or to the security installations and alarm systems.

Facility management not only offers great savings potential in these cases, which is reflected in the shortening of conversion times and repair work.

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