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fabric as a service (FaaS)

Fabric as a Service(FaaS) is a multi- layer architecture model for the structure and management of networks. The top layer of this FaaS architecture model is the application layer with the FaaS Application Layer.

The layer below is the fabric manager, which manages the fabric objects. It acts as the fabric controller and is responsible for controlling and configuring the fabric connections. In addition, the fabric manager provides the FaaS API service through which the logical network API is provided at the application layer.

The underlying layer provides an abstraction of a homogeneous network. Each individual fabric object provides a collection of unified services. The lowest level has a fabric controller for controlling and managing the fabric level above it.

There are several FaaS API groups: One group of FaaS APIs supports the creation of underlay and overlay networks. Other groups are used to create logical nets that are slipped over the fabric or that bind the physical port at the endpoint.

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