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eye tracking

Eye tracking is a technique for measuring the attention and observation of a website visitor, which is used to optimize websites. Eye tracking records eye movement and focus and analyzes the order in which visitors look at the various website elements and how long they look at them.

Eye tracker with IR projector and eye camera, photo:

Eye tracker with IR projector and eye camera, photo:

Eye tracking is performed with an eye tracker consisting of an infrared radiation source and an eye camera. The IR radiation source emits infrared light onto the eye, which reflects it. The reflected IR light is captured and filtered by the eye camera. From the reflection, the image detail that the viewer is looking at can be determined by image processing using appropriate algorithms. The sequence in which the individual website elements - headlines, photos, titles, videos, texts, subheadings, etc. - are viewed is used to determine a viewer's attention span. - are viewed, the result is a viewer track.

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