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extensible music format (XMF)

Extensible Music Format (XMF) is an open standard for audio compression whose file format is available for a small nominal fee. The compression can be many times higher than MP3 compression when used

with certain tools, such as Beatnik's audio engine. XMF is an evolution of the RMF format developed by

theMIDI Manufacturer's Association (MMA). The container format used in XMF can contain any number of Musical Instrument Digital Interface

(MIDI) and DSL files and produces very small audio files.XMF is used for compression in the audio sector as well as in mobile phones or game consoles

. XMF is available in different versions. Version 1.0, released by the MMA in 2001, specifies a metafile combining Standard MIDI Format (SMF) and DLS files. XMF V2.0 has header changes that simplify the tagging of MIME data with respect to Extensible Markup Language (XML).

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