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extended version of YCC (xvYCC)

Color models are optimized according to their applications. For example, the RGB color model is optimal for emitting displays, the CMYK color model for reflecting displays, and the YCC color model forvideo. Since all color models cover their own color space, the xvYCC color model extends the color space of YCC and is thus optimized for HD ( High Definition) media such as HD-DVD, Blu-Ray-Disc and HDTV

. With the xvYCC color model, which is an extended version of the YCC color model, the color space has been significantly expanded so that it can represent more hues

and degrees of saturation. In addition, the representations with this color model look more brilliant and natural.

Expanded xvYCC colour space

Expanded xvYCC colour space

xvYCC, also known as x.v.colour, was standardised in 2006 as IEC colour standard 61966-2-4 and is included in the HDMI interface version 1.3. In order to take full advantage of the expanded colour space, all devices in the production and display chain must support this colour space, which is also referred to as x.v.colour. This designation has become established for camcorders.

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