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extended resolution compact disc (XRCD)

The Extended ResolutionCompact Disc (XRCD) is a special CD development from JVC that features higher sound quality

than normal compact discs (CD) and can be played in normal CD players. For the XRCD, JVC has analyzed and optimized all components

involved inmastering and manufacturing. The main difference is that when mastering an XRDC, the analogue audio signals are digitised at 20 bits using a special audio coding method called K2 Super Coding. This data

isstored on the master CD, and

during the manufacturing process, the 20-bit audio is transformed into 16-bit values in which

the sound and dynamics of the 20-bit audio are preserved. This 16-bit signal is then decoded using an EFM code. Before the laser burns the glass master

, the EFM signal is renewed in the formXRCD thus stands for the optimization of the mastering and all components involved


There are several different XRCD variants: the XRCD with 20-bit mastering, the XRCD2, which differs in that the clock signal

has a high frequency constancy and is crystal-stabilized, and the XRCD24, which works with 24 bits in mastering and has extremely high clock stability. This is derived from a rubidium time standard. The XRDC standard is compatible with the Red Book specifications.

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