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extended lifecycle for ETX (XTX)

Extended Lifecycle for ETX (XTX) is, like COM-Express, a design form for a computer module

. The XTX design describes the board size and the connection technology for the carrier board. XTX replaces the less and less relevant ISA bus with PCI-Express. In addition, XTX offers Serial ATA, LPC bus, Gigabit Ethernet and the USB interface

in theUSB 2.0 version. The PCI Express is limited to four lanes, which means that a maximum of 1 GB/s

can be transferred in both directions via the PCI Express.The board geometry and the connectors

correspond to those of the ETX board. However, the boards cannot be interchanged without restrictions. The XTX format is offered by many manufacturers, but is not a standard like COM Express, for example.

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