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extended coverage GSM IoT (EC-GSM-IoT)

Extended Coverage GSMIoT(EC- GSM- IoT) is a developmental approach for a 2016 standardized low power WAN( LPWAN). EC-GSM-IoT was designed to provide a low-cost, low-power cellular mobile network based on EnhancedGPRS ( EGPRS) for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Like LTE M2M( LTE-M) and Narrow Band LTE( NB-LTE), EC-GSM-IoT operates in frequency bands between 800 MHz and 900 MHz. The bandwidth is 200 kHz, and the carrier signal can be used simultaneously by existing LTE or GSM networks or by Narrow Band LTE (NB-LTE). To keep power requirements as low as possible, transmission is in half- duplex with equal data rates in the uplink and downlink of approx. 500 kbit/s. This means that the batteries can be used for up to 10 years. The transmit power is 23 dBm or 33 dBm. Since the radio link allows an additional attenuation of 18 dB to 20 dB compared to 2G mobile networks, EC-GSM-IoT can be used to bridge distances of up to 15 km and install radio nodes in buildings.

EC-GSM-IoT leverages cellular network security technology such as confidential user identification, authentication and data integrity, and Mobile Equipment Identity( MEID).

Extended Coverage (EC) can be used to implement many different IoT applications. For example, the integration of smartmeters into smart grids, industrial applications in production technology and logistics, M2M communication and much more.

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