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evolution data optimized (EVDO)

Evolution Data Optimized (EVDO, EV- DO or 1xEVDO) is a 3rd generation( 3G) wireless broadband access technology that does not require a WiFi hotspot because the mobile device itself is the hotspot.

EVDO technology uses existing cellular infrastructures, such as CDMA2000, and provides roaming between radio cells access to the Internet without the need to search for a hotspot. For example, EVDO gives direct access to the Internet on trains or in cars. The average downlink speed is over 2 Mbit/s for stationary operation and between 400 kbit/s and 700 kbit/s for mobile operation. Data rates for the uplink are between 60 kbit/s and 100 kbit/s.

Development of data rates in mobile communications

Development of data rates in mobile communications

Originally, EVDO was developed by Qualcomm to meet IMT-2000 requirements. This included a data rate of over 2 Mbit/s for the downlink in stationary mode. After EVDO was ratified by the International Telecommunication Union( ITU), it was renamed 1xEV-DO, which stands for "1x Evolution-Data Only" and shows the direct evolution to the standardized air interface1xRTT (Single Carrier Radio Transmision Technology). Whereby the EVDO channels transmit data only.

EVDO, which is offered in various countries by Sprint and Verizon, is equally suitable for business and personal use. With a notebook, all that is required is to insert an EVDO card, and the subscriber is then in always-on mode.

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