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The Eurocard is a standardized printed circuit board in a three height unit(HE) format. It is also referred to as 3U format. The connector strips are located at the rear of the plug-in card; the locking levers on the front provide the necessary pressure and locking of the Eurocard. The eurocard is inserted into the guide rails of the racks.

The Eurocard is used as a slide-in card in subracks and racks and has a size of 100 mm x 160 mm and a thickness of 1.6 mm. The size of 100 mm, which does not correspond to the dimension of three height units (HE) - one height unit corresponds to 44.45 mm - was defined according to the installation dimension for subracks and is extended by three height units (133.35 mm) for larger boards. Thus, the double euroboard with 6 U has a size of 233.35 mm and the 9 U board is 366.70 mm. The size of the half euroboard is 100 mm x 80 mm.

Plug-in board in Europe and double Europe format

Plug-in board in Europe and double Europe format

The board formats are defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission( IEC) in the IEC 60297 or DIN IEC 249 standard. The 3U Europe format provides for two plug-in strips, while the double 6U format provides for five. The connectors on the boards are numbered J1 to J5; those on the backplane are numbered P1 to P5.

In addition to the board formats mentioned, there are others with board depths of 230 mm and 340 mm, as well as the rarely used design with a board depth of 400 mm. In addition, there is the 9U format, a larger board with a size of 360 mm and a board depth of 340 mm. This format is used in the VME bus and VXI bus, among others.

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