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error detection code (EDC)

Error detection codes(EDC) are procedures and coding systems used to detect errors during data transmission or data storage. Corresponding procedures work with checksums.

One of the best-known error detection procedures is the cyclic block check or Cyclic Redundancy Checksum(CRC), which is based on the formation of a redundant checksum. Other procedures include the XOR checksum and the parity check( PAR), in which a parity bit is added. Since the latter method fails when multiple bit errors occur, some methods increase redundancy by adding multiple check bits. In addition to the use of parity bits, the use of block save characters is also used for error detection.

Inremote data transmission, echo cancellation is also used for error detection. In the echo signal, the transmitter detects faulty data blocks. Cyclic block checking (CRC) and the XOR checksum are further examples of error detection methods.

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