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error 4xx

The HTTP status code 4xx error messages concern client connections. These 4xx error messages are always client errors. Some of them, such as Error 400, 401, 403 and 404, occur frequently, which is why the error messages are discussed in more detail here.

Error 400: The Bad Request message indicates that the Internet address entered is not correct and is therefore not accepted. Probably the server does not recognize the requested document or it does not exist anymore.

Error 401: If the request is answered with Unauthorized, then access to the requested document is possible only with authorization. This means that an incorrect password may have been used, or the server prevents access from the requesting domain. There are servers that only allow certain domains.

Error 403: If the request is answered with Forbidden, then access to the requested document is denied.

Error page with HTTP status code 404

Error page with HTTP status code 404

Error 404 is an HTTP status code that indicates the inaccessibility of a resource. Error 404 Not Found is an error page that is accessed by a broken or dead link, a dead link. The web server cannot provide the requested document. This can have various causes. For example, the URL may have been entered incorrectly or incompletely, the requested document may have been renamed or deleted, the domain may no longer exist or contain any documents, or the web server may be overloaded or unavailable.

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