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environment mapping

Environment mapping is a technique of graphical image processing of3D graphics. Environment mapping, which became known as reflection mapping, involves mirroring the environment onto reflective body surfaces.

Einvironment mapping is a less computationally and time intensive method than ray tracing, and is also suitable for real-time processing. Unlike ray tracing, it is subject to minor inaccuracies.

Environment mapping with Cube, screenshot:

Environment mapping with Cube, screenshot:

In principle, environment mapping is a type of texture mapping in which the object environment is stored as a texture and projected onto the surface of the object. The object is virtually wrapped by the environment texture. The environment texture is created from the center of the object onto which it is to be projected. In all environment mapping methods - there is spherical mapping and cubic mapping - the accuracy depends on the positioning of the object and the distances of the surrounding objects.

If the object is large in relation to the surrounding objects or their distance, then the geometric distortions become larger.

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