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entrance facility

The term connection device has several meanings:

  1. The technical device of connections for connecting the terminal.
  2. Branch circuits for connecting the terminal or the private telecommunications equipment that is not part of the public telecommunications network.

  3. Telecom-owned power lines for connecting the private telecommunication equipment. The connection device may contain one or more connection points and, depending on the type of connection or branch line, may be equipped with or without a network termination function. A connection device without a network termination function is a junction box (ADo) or a telecommunications connection unit (TAE). It is used for connections with analogue connection points. For connections with digital connection points, the connection device has a network termination function (e.g. data network termination device). In this case, the connection socket or telecommunication connection unit (TAE) serves as a "socket" for the connection device; it is not itself a connection device.

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