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enterprise mobility (EM)

Enterprise mobility reflects the growing trend toward off-site work, with more and more company employees working outside the company. This off-site work is characterized by the use of mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Enterprise mobility stands for corporate mobility and refers not only to the equipment of the remote workers, but also to the mobility of the corporate data that the remote workers can access at any time. They have access to clouds in which they store their data and from which they can retrieve presentation and product data.

Enterprise mobility can be promoted from the company side through ByoT concepts such as Bring your own Device( ByoD). Corresponding concepts must be integrated into the IT landscape and its security concepts while avoiding risks. This applies equally to access to the corporate network, to the services provided, and to data. In general, enterprise mobility increases the efficiency of employees, but it also has certain security risks that can be controlled by corporate policies and targeted enterprise mobility management( EMM).

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