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enterprise information portal (EIP)

Enterprise portals(EIP) are generally interpreted in a company-specific way. However, there are certain features and functionalities that such a portal should have and support. These include the integration of an EIP portal into an intranet and centralized access to distributed corporate resources.

An EIP portal should be understood as an integrative platform for a wide variety of applications such as databases, customer relationship management( CRM) or enterprise resource planning( ERP). In addition, it should also be possible to access e-mails or other unstructured data stocks via the EIP portal.

Another aspect is the access modalities, identification, authorization and authentication, and person- or function-related access authorizations for individual users. Each user may only access the databases for which he or she is authorized.

The user interface of an EIP portal should be kept as simple as possible, with the aim of ensuring that users are presented with their data in the best possible way.

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