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enterprise digital rights management (EDRM)

Virtualization supports the outsourcing of services as cloud computing. By outsourcing services to the cloud, electronic documents with confidential data or know-how can be lost. For this application, Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) provides comprehensive document-based data protection. The increasing electronic collaboration

between company employees and with external partners and suppliers increases the risk of misuse of important company data. Enterprise Digital Rights Management protects data used by recipients

.It prevents recipients from misusing or redistributing data and protects data and documents in virtualized applications. EDRM can be combined with virtualization.

Common security mechanisms, such as digital rights management (DRM), firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and demilitarized zones (DMZ), protect data and documents in file storage, document management, and data transport and networks, creating a secure area within the enterprise that is protected against attacks

. Outsourced documents, on the other hand, cannot be controlled using conventional methods.

EDRM architecture

EDRM architecture

The situation is different with Enterprise Digital Rights Management, which protects documents end-to-end, especially if they are located on local computers. For this purpose, the digital contents are provided with access and usage rights and encrypted. When the application is called up, it implements the access rights

. EDRM aims at data protection in the corporate environment and links the documents with relevant information about the recipient and his or her rights. This ensures that the recipient is only allowed to print certain documents but not to copy, save or pass them on. With Enterprise Digital Rights Management, an EDRM server takes over the administration and control of rights and authentication. It communicates with the document management system and protects it against unauthorized access and on the other hand with the EDRM client, which is the partner or supplier. Once the EDRM server has clarified the access rights with the EDRM client, the document management system can transfer the sensitive data to the EDRM client.

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