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enterprise content management (SAN) (ECM)

The classic electronic document archives are increasingly changing from pure archiving to multi-functional Enterprise Content Management Systems( ECMS) with extensive content and document management functions.

InECM systems, archiving forms a sub-function alongside many other functions in order to comply with legal requirements. There are various approaches for the immutability of stored documents, the WORM principle, Write Once Read Many. The WORM requirement can be realized in optical memories such as the CD WO, the DVD-RAM WO but also on magnetic disks or in magnetic storage systems.

Areas of application for ECM technology

Enterprise Content Management ( ECM) comprises many functional units for capturing, managing, storing and outputting business documents. The goal of enterprise content management is to achieve different content-related information on a common platform. In contrast, a Content Services Platform( CSP), which is also used to process different content, is concerned with coping with the demands of the rapidly increasing flood of information and content.

In addition to electronic document management, the management of development, construction and production data, the areas of Web Content Management(WCM) and electronic forms management are worth mentioning. But also e-mail archiving, collaboration, workflow and electronic archiving.

Functionalities of an ECM system

Functionalities of an ECM system

Capture combines all technologies with which digital data is imported into the company. This begins with document digitization and form recognition and extends to manual capture and the storage of e-mails and web forms. There are also several functional modules for data output, such as that for Computer Output on Laser Disk (COLD) or the Output Management System( OMS).

ECM activities are largely determined by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). The definitions and applications were created by the research firm Gartner. As the current orientation of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has changed, corresponding business solutions have been renamed Content Services Platform (CSP).

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