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enhanced versatile disc (EVD)

The EVD disc (Enhanced Versatile Disc) belongs to the Super DVDs, which are characterized by a high storage capacity. The other products are the HD DVD, the Blu-Ray disc, the Ultra Density Optical( UDO) and the Professional Disc for Data( PDD). Unlike the aforementioned products, the EVD disc uses a red light laser rather than a blue laser.

It is a Chinese development of a non-rewritable Super DVD, whose resolution is said to be five times that of a DVD. Since the EVD disc only has a slightly higher storage capacity than a DVD, 12 GB are specified for the two- layer version, it must be assumed that an incredible amount of compression is used to achieve five times the resolution. The Enhanced AudioCodec( EAC) is used for audio compression.

The EVD disc is aimed at the market for high-definition video, HDTV, and is designed as a playback-only disc.

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