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enhanced specular reflector (ESR)

Passive LCD displays do not light up, their playback is activated by backlighting. Only then does a non-illuminating LCD display become an illuminating LCD display.

Backlighting is about uniform illumination of the Liquid CrystalDisplay (LCD) and the color space of the backlight. There are different methods for this, using cold cathode tubes (CCFL) and light emitting diodes (LED). In the case of LED backlighting, the light from the side-mounted light-emitting diodes must be refracted by many micro-optics so that the LCD panel can be evenly illuminated from behind. The technology is relatively complex. That is why there are newer diffuser techniques such as Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) and Collimating Multilayer Optical Film (CMOF).

Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) was developed by Vikuiti. It is a multilayer specular polarizing film consisting of hundreds of individual films with different refractive indices in which light is reflected back and forth. The LED light entering from the side is thrown at different angles onto the reflective ESR film, from where it spreads evenly over the entire ESR film by multiple reflection, exits from it and illuminates the LCD panel.

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