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enhanced interior gateway routing protocol (EIGRP)

The Enhanced Interior GatewayRouting Protocol (EIGRP) is a modified Interior Gateway Routing Protocol(IGRP). Compared to the Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP), the EIRGP protocol supports multi- network layers, it provides Fast Convergence and Partial Bounded Updates.

Enhanced IGRP is defined for the IP protocol, Appletalk, and Netware and is a combination of Distance Vector Algorithm( DVA) and Link State Algorithm( LSA) techniques. EIGRP uses the same metric for route optimization as the IGRP protocol. Unlike IGRP, EIGPR exchanges routing table updates only in the event of a change.

In addition to the optimal path, the protocol also considers the lowest cost. A client interface is used to integrate the various network protocols such as the IP protocol, the Internetwork Packet Exchange Protocol( IPX) and Apple 's Datagram Delivery Protocol( DDP). A separate routing table is created for each of these protocols.

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