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enhanced integrated drive electronics (DVD) (EIDE)

Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (EIDE) is the extended version of Integrated Drive Electronics(IDE). EIDE is not a standard, but a collection of functions of the ATA specifications.

Data transfer rates for IDE and EIDE buses

Data transfer rates for IDE and EIDE buses

EIDE is a storage device interface that supports up to four drives. The storage capacities reach into the double- digit gigabyte range, so hard disks with over 500 GB can be managed using LBA addressing. PIO data transfer rates range from 3.3 MB/s(PIO Mode 0) up to 16.6 MB/s (PIO Mode 4) and DMA data transfer rates are 33 MB/s for UMDA/33 and 66 MB/s for UDMA/66.

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