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energy harvesting

Energy harvesting is about the extraction of energy from ambient energy sources, from air currents, ambient temperatures, sunlight, vibrations, pressure or other physical quantities, converted into energy. Therefore, this energy harvesting is also called Ambient Energy Harvesting.

Well-known examples of energy harvesting are photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and tidal power plants. But there are also already sidewalks that convert the pressure changes of pedestrians into lighting energy or energy converters that convert the enormous waste heat of data centers into electrical energy. In the case of small and minute energy conversions, such as those that occur when a button is pressed or a hand is moved, this is referred to as Micro Energy Harvesting( MEH). This is a technology that is also used in battery-free wireless technology.

Energy harvesting options

Energy harvesting options

While Micro Energy Harvesting deals with power in the micro- and milliwatt range, Energy Harvesting deals with kilowatts and megawatts. Outputs that are fed into the power grids.

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