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energy conservation and distribution system (ECDS)

An Energy Conservation and Distribution System (ECDS) is a neighbourhood storage system with a battery management system. This is only charged with charging current when more electricity

is generated from renewable energies than is consumed. With the ECDS concept, only surplus energy from photovoltaic systems or wind power is charged in storage batteries. The energy charged in storage batteries can be used on the consumer side when required. The ECDS system takes care of the energy management

. The generated electricity is first made available to the consumer; the surplus electricity can be fed into the storage battery or into the low-voltage grid, depending on the time-of-day tariff for feed-in and consumption. During the hours when the PV and wind power plants do not supply electricity, the ECDS system supplies the consumers from the battery storage. ECDS systems can be used in houses, industrial buildings, housing estates or urban districts.

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