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energy aware radio and network technologies (Earth)

Energy Aware Radio and Network Technologies (Earth) is a consortium of 15 leading telecommunications service, component and infrastructure providers focused on saving energy in 4th generation (4G) mobile networks

. Earth's goal is to halve the energy consumption of 4G networks by 2014

. Inaddition to a number of research institutions, the founding members include the companies Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, NXP Seminconductor, Docomo Europe and the universities of Budapest, Dresden, Surrey and Lisbon, as well as ETSI

. Inits approach, Earth focuses on the overall energy efficiency of mobile networks and does not concentrate on individual network components. The entire network technology, including all network components, the interfaces, the network management and the services

offered, is to become more efficient. This also means a new generation of energy-efficient network equipment and components and energy-oriented development strategies.

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