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endpoint security management

As work processes in companies are increasingly supported by the use of private desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones, security management for the end devices, endpoint security management, is becoming increasingly important.

Consumerization, which is the term for the various bring-you-own concepts such as ByoD or ByoC, contributes to the unintentional introduction of malware or other malicious software into corporate networks via privately used end devices. The same applies to the detection of unauthorized access to services, data and programs.

Endpoint security management ensures network security and the protection of corporate data. It deals with the detection of newly or incorrectly connected end devices, their management and control, and their shutdown. End devices can only be connected to the corporate networks after they have met the specified security criteria. Access authorizations can be administratively restricted to specific applications and are constantly monitored and managed by the network control center, allowing the administrator to intervene at any time.

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