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end of row (EoR)

End of Row (EoR) is a networking concept used in data centers. Alternatively, there is Middle of Row (MoR) and Top of Rack


EoR configuration

EoR configuration

In the EoR concept, all servers from the different server racks are connected to the end-of-row switch without first networking the individual rack switches, as is the case with ToR concept. In the EoR concept, thicker cables

are used to go to each individual server in the racks. The EoR switch is located at the end of a row of racks. Each row of racks usually has its own EoR switch. In contrast, withthe ToR concept each rack has its own ToR

switch. The EoR switches are flexibly configurable and can be extended by a plug-in card if required. The number of ports is lower with this concept than with the ToR concept.

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