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Inrobotics, the last element of the robot arm is called the end effector. As a gripper, the end effector is functionally comparable to the human hand, but it can also be the tool itself.

As a gripper, the end effector has the task of grasping objects and, after the manipulator has been set to the correct position, repositioning the object at the desired position. The fingers of grippers are equipped with sensors that respond to pressure, magnetic fields or other physical quantities. Instead of a gripper, a ladle can also be attached, which can be used to scoop and pour liquids. The use of a ladle gripper is recommended for molten metal or toxic liquids.

End effector, resp. robot gripper, photo:

End effector, resp. robot gripper, photo:

As a tool, the end effector can be equipped with the tools it needs for its work. This can be a spray gun if it is a painting robot or a welding gun if it is a welding robot. The end effector is always equipped with the tool needed for the corresponding work.

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