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An emulator is a program that allows a terminal or computer to behave like another system

. Thus, an emulator

allows a microcomputer

to emulateor imitate a much larger system, such as an IBM mainframe. The small computer then runs the same programs as the large one and works with the same types of data. When two computers communicate, they must be compatible

. Emulator software is one way of achieving the necessary compatibility. According to DIN 44300, an emulator is a functional unit realized by means of program modules and units which emulates the characteristics of a computer A on a computer B in such a way that programs for A can be run on B, with the data for A being accepted by B and the same results being achieved as on A. The emulator can also be used as an emulator. What is said here about programs also applies mutatis mutandis to the cooperation of hardware devices.

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