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Emulation is a process of replicating software or hardware to run on different, incompatible equipment. It is a replication of hardware or a hardware component by another unit.

For example, if a terminal is emulated, i.e. replicated, by a personal computer, it is called terminal emulation; if a printer is emulated, it is called printer em ulation; and if a local area network( LAN) or interface is emulated, it is called LAN emulation or interface emulation.

In the case of a processor emulation, the complete instruction set of another processor is emulated. This emulation is subject to performance losses, which are noticeable in performance losses. By emulating, the emulation accepts the same data, performs the same functions, and is treated like the original by other units on the network. Example: the emulation of an IBM or DEC terminal by a 3270 emulation or a VT100 emulation on a personal computer.

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