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Emoticon is an artificial word made up of emotion and icon. Emoticons are symbols of emotion, they are ASCII characters that can be inserted in a text-based communication on the Internet, so as to emphasize the emotional state of the author.

Emoticons are inserted spontaneously in emails, chats or in blogs and are intended to replace the lack of facial expressions or gestures used in a face-to-face conversation as a communication tool. They consist of characters from the keyboard - mainly bracket characters, punctuation marks and dashes ( , ; - : / ) and can be quickly inserted when composing the email.

Original smileys

Original smileys

One of the most famous emoticons is the smiley, which stands for a smile and consists of a colon, a hyphen and a bracket character :-) Other frequently used emoticons are meant to express irony and sarcasm ;-) and sadness and disappointment :-(

In the 90s, DoCoMo has already developed more detailed emoticons, the emojis. They are multicolored, have a higher image resolution and show a lot of details.

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