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emission security (EMSEC)

Emission security (EMSEC) reflects the vulnerability of IT systems to unauthorized access via electromagnetic radiation. Since all systems - radio-based, cryptographic or other - generate electromagnetic radiation, attackers can use it to gain unauthorized access.

EMSEC is an element of communications security( COMSEC) and describes measures with which corresponding attacks via electromagnetic radiation can be prevented during communication and thus sensitive data of companies and authorities can be protected. The situation is different for electronics security( ELSEC), which is concerned with the electromagnetic radiation that occurs when communication is not taking place.

Emission security can be improved by a wide variety of measures. Namely, protection techniques must be improved where the electromagnetic radiation is emitted. This includes the shielding of housings, data cables and connectors, which increases RF tightness. The housings ofsubracks and racks must be sealed without gaps. For cables and connectors, there are shielded versions whose shielding must be grounded. In addition, there are EMC adhesive tapes, EMC seals, EMC insulating mats and ferrite beads for current-carrying cables.

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