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emergency call

An emergency call is a signal transmitted in an emergency to a control centre or emergency call centre in order to help those affected in an emergency situation. In Europe, the emergency number for emergency calls is 112.

Emergency calls can be made from the home by people in need of help and care, in this case they are referred to as home emergency calls. In addition, there is the automatic emergency call from a motor vehicle, in the event of an accident. In addition, there is the mobile emergency call, which is not bound to a specific location and is triggered on a mobile device. The communication channels for these examples are the traditional telephone network, the IP network and mobile networks.

Emergency number

Emergency number

Generally, when an emergency call is made using the emergency number 112, a connection is established between the emergency call device and the emergency call centre. This connection is used to transmit personal and location data from the emergency victim. Status reports can be transmitted via the simultaneously switched voice connection. In case of car accidents and mobile emergency calls, the position accuracy is crucial in order to reach the accident victim as quickly as possible. The position accuracy is calculated by time-of-flight measurements between several signals. The corresponding methods are called Enhanced Observed Time Difference (E-OTD) and Observed Time Difference of Arrival (OTDOA), depending on the mobile network.

In addition, there is the Emergency Telecommunications (EMTEL) emergency call technology from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the Emergency Call System (eCall) from the European Union (EU). Positioning methods for locating mobile subscribers include Automatic Location Identification (ALI), which automatically transmits the complete address of the person concerned to the emergency call centre when an emergency call is made, and Advanced Mobile Location (AML) for precise mobile location.

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