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emergency call transmitter

The home emergency call is a radio emergency call system specially designed for seniors, sick people, people in need of help and care. The central component of such a system is the radio finger, which can be worn by the persons to be monitored as a bracelet or on a ribbon around the neck.

In addition to the home emergency call, which is suitable for those groups of people who are restricted in their freedom of movement and stay in a smaller residential area, there is the mobile emergency call, which is suitable for seniors who are not stationary in a restricted residential area.

The classic home emergency call system consists of a radio finger as a hand-held transmitter and a base station that is connected to the telephone network. The radio finger has a large emergency call button that the person can use to make an emergency call to the emergency call center, which is transmitted by radio. When the emergency button is pressed, a radio signal is triggered which is transmitted via an emergency call frequency to the base station and from there via the telephone network to the emergency call center. In addition, a voice connection to the emergency call center is established via the base station, which has a hands-free device. The person concerned can communicate with the staff at the emergency call center via the hands-free device. Simultaneously with the emergency call, some basic information such as the name of the person concerned, his place of residence and medical record, is called up in the emergency call center.

Radio finger as a bracelet, photo:

Radio finger as a bracelet, photo:

To ensure that the transmission of the emergency call is not influenced by other radio equipment such as garage door openers or baby monitors, the European Union has reserved the frequency of 469.99 MHz for personal emergency calls, which must be used exclusively for these applications. The operational reliability of the radio fingerprint is ensured by functional monitoring of the battery voltage, by self-testing and by checking the radio connection.

The mobile home emergency call differs from the classic home emergency call in that it can work with or without a radio finger. The aim is to support the mobility of those in need of help and care. The mobile home emergency call uses the mobile network. To be able to transmit in it, the radio finger has a SIM card and a GPS module. The GPS system determines the location; in the event of an emergency call, the position data is transmitted to the emergency call center and a voice connection is established via the mobile network.

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