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embedded vision

Today, embedded vision increasingly refers to image processing. It is the practical implementation of computer vision in systems that visually recognize their environment. Computer vision is the use of digitalsignal processing in combination with intelligent algorithms to interpret images and videos.

Due to the enormous computing power of modern computers, embedded vision could be transferred from research to practice and is equally used in personal computers, notebooks, tablets and also in mobile devices. Embedded vision is a technology used in industry and commerce for pattern recognition, in surveillance technology for facial recognition and gait recognition of people, in robotics for object recognition, in driver assistance systems of automotive technology, in drones, in home health monitoring such as Ambient Assisted Linving( AAL), military technology and medical technology, and also in smartphones for augmented reality.

In embedded vision systems, the signals are fully processed. The signals captured by the image sensors are digitized in A/D converters( ADC) and transferred from RGB color model to another color model, processed by the processors with the various algorithms, and after processing, they are available to control components. The detection capability of embedded vision systems can cover the visible wavelength range, but can also operate in the ultraviolet or infrared.

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