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embedded technology (ET)

Embedding technologies are those in which software, hardware, individual components or entire systems are embedded in a product. Embedding is about miniaturization and space saving, it is about increasing the reliability of products and their functionality and reducing manufacturing costs.

Embedded products can be found in many technical areas: In printed circuit boards and in wearables, in automotive technology and medical technology, in consumer devices and 5G devices. Wherever space is critical, embedded technology offers a forward-looking approach.

Embedded Component Technology with embedded components

Embedded Component Technology with embedded components

In PCB manufacturing, for example, active and passive components, resistors, capacitors, inductors, power semiconductors are embedded in intermediate layers of multilayer PCBs. In this context, one speaks of embedded components. These can also be embedded striplines, embedded chips or, as in the case of wirelaid, thicker copper lines that are inserted into the intermediate layers.

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