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embedded multimedia card (eMMC)

With the embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC), the Multimedia Card Association(MMCA) and the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council( JEDEC) have jointly developed a standard for universally usable embedded mass storage.

The embedded memory solution integrates an MMC interface, the 3D NAND memory and a controller in an FBGA package. The memory interface can be operated at 1.8 V (1V8) and 3.3 V (3V3).

Data rates for eMMC 4.5 are 140 MB/s for reading data and 50 MB/s for reading data. The transfer takes place in half- duplex, either the stored values are read out or new data is read in. The storage capacities correspond to those of the MMC cards. In version 5.0, the data rates increase to 250 MB/s (read-out) and 90 MB/s (read-in) and in version 5.1 aut 250 MB/s and 150 MB/s.

eMMC cards as FBGA package, photo:

eMMC cards as FBGA package, photo:

The aim of the joint activities of MMCA and JEDEC is to reduce the development effort for embedded systems. eMCCs are used in smartphones, tablets, printers, servers, navigation devices and in automotive technology.

The successor technology for eMMC is Universal Flash Storage( UFS).

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