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embedded microprocessor benchmark consortium (EEMBC)

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) is a non-profit organization funded by membership and licensing revenue. Founded in 1997, the commission develops benchmarks for embedded systems(ES) hardware and software.

The efforts of the EEMBC Commission have resulted in the EEMBC benchmarks being recognized as industry standards and can be used for objective and application-based evaluation of embedded software, embedded processors, compilers, and Java implementations. Since the first certified benchmarks, the realistic EEMBC benchmarks have supplanted the Dhrystone tests.

The EEMBC benchmarks are aimed at realistic applications and the fact that certain applications are increasingly realized by embedded applications. This results in a collection of tests for telecommunication, networking, digital media, automotive, consumer electronics and office equipment. Another collection of algorithms is available for 8- and 16-bit microprocessors.

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