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embedded component

Embedded components are electronic components embedded in printed circuit boards. They can be active or passive electronic components, resistors, inductors and capacitors integrated into the PCB. By inserting components, the area required can be reduced and the PCB made smaller, which is conducive to miniaturization.

In general, the area required by a PCB is dictated by the size of the components to be placed on both sides of the PCB. By embedding components in the base material between the assembled PCB sides or in recesses, the cavities, under other components, less assembly space is required.

Multilayer PCB with embedded resistor

Multilayer PCB with embedded resistor

As far as embedded components are concerned, these can also be copper inserts or inserted wires through which higher currents can flow than through normal traces. These inserts are called wirelaid. In addition, microstrips and striplines are embedded in intermediate layers of multilayer PCBs, as are extremely thin heat pipes for heat dissipation.

Embedded resistors are also referred to as multilayer surface wiring( MOV). Such resistors can be printed resistors printed by carbon printing, but also embedded thin film resistors. Embedded component technology, also known as buried technology, contributes to the miniaturization of printed circuit boards and increases their reliability. In addition, the electrical interconnection lines between components are shortened, resulting in fewer problems at high data rates.

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