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electronic viewfinder (camera) (EVF)

The electronic viewfinder (EVF) is a concept used in digital cameras and digital single lens reflex ( DSLR) cameras.

In contrast to a purely optical viewfinder, the electronic viewfinder captures the image from the lens on a CCD sensor, captures it and displays it on a small, high- resolution LCD screen. Scene-related settings are made via the display.

Electronic viewfinder with superimposed additional information, photo:

Electronic viewfinder with superimposed additional information, photo:

The advantage of an electronic viewfinder is the low viewfinder parallax and the possibility to display the scenes in zooming mode. Furthermore, in such a viewfinder display additional information of the camera settings, such as aperture, exposure time and other values can be faded in. In addition, poor lighting conditions can be made more visible by adjusting the brightness of the display. The resolution of electronic viewfinders is now very high and can easily exceed 1 million pixels.

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